Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Northern Ireland In Pictures

On the plane before she knew what it was like!

Fun at the beach

Ulster Transport Museum

Ulster Folk Museum
Fun at the park

Random Fun :-)

Monday, 14 April 2014

Our Trip To Northern Ireland

Its been a rough time adjusting to life as a single parent and getting into a routine, so I decided to take a much needed break to Northern Ireland to see some friends. As Alana had a rough time but been very quiet about it, I thought it would be nice for her to get some 121 time, so Myles went to Grandma's and Devon went to his dad's meaning they all got some special times and activities designed to suit them. Win Win although it was hampered and stressed out by their dad's telling me that I wasn't being fair on the children and that I was being selfish wanting to spend time away from them etc :-(

I woke Alana at 4:45 and was told to leave her alone and that she was too tired! But I managed to get her dressed and keep her snuggled up in the bed till the taxi arrived. My excuse for waking her up was that we needed to go on a message, I managed to get the bags in the taxi without her seeing and taxi driver knew not to say where we were going! I had to tell her the car was broken hence getting a taxi! We got to the airport and she read it and was wondering what we were doing to say the least, once I let her know all she could say was ahh! We weren't at the airport very long before boarding and she was excited but tired to say the least. But after all that secret planning we discovered she was scared of flying so spent the whole flight scared!

We had a pretty amazing time whilst we were there from lovely hot chocolates, to soft play, to pancake tossing to visiting the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. We ran out of time to do everything and came back knackered but it was lovely to get away and spend the time with my daughter without having to tell children off for fighting every five minutes. Trying to get Alana back on the flight was fun and she started to get anxious the night before and was quiet all the way to the airport, but we managed it but next time we have to go on the ferry!

When we got home I got a big hug from Devon but he said he didn't miss me! But he had a lovely time with his daddy and grandparents with a visit to see the dinosaurs and to the farm. Myles had a lot of fun with his Grandma and got spoilt rotten as always!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

My Sunday Photo 13th April 2014

This weeks photo comes from Alana's first flight since she was a baby it was a surprise trip and she was surprised and stunned to say the least. She is all happy and smiley on this photo but after a 30 minute flight she had decided she never wanted to fly again, unfortunately for her we had to fly home again!


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Thankful Thursdays 10th April 2014

I discovered the linky from Adventures Of A Monkey Footed Mummy where every one can share their silver linings, brags, boasts or just something that made us smile.

I decided to take part as away to remind me despite all the crap that goes on in my life I have things to be thankful for.

This week I am thankful for the doctors at QE Hospital in Gateshead, who took my concerns about Myles starting to have rigours and high temperatures, taking the time to check him over fully and are following him up on Monday for a loud heart murmur to make sure its quieten down and for making the decision to bring him into clinic to see if there is anything we can do to control the number of rigours and febrile convulsions he is having.
Adventures of A Monkeyfooted Mummy

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Draw with Me April 2014

I have discovered a new linky called 'Draw with Me' set up by This Mummy Loves whereby each month a theme is set and the children draw a picture based on that theme. Well how could I not take part when Alana loves to draw, this months theme was FAMILY.

So here is Alana's picture.....

Despite having separated parents she still very much see us as a family unit and therefore daddy still appears on her pictures of the family :-)

This Mummy Loves...

Monday, 7 April 2014

Review - Socket to Me Design and Drill

When we were asked to review the new addition to the Design and Drill sets from Learning Resources I knew the children wouldn't say no as the Take along Tool Kit is still a firm favourite in this household.

The new Socket to Me set includes a spanner which features a forwards and reverse switch and makes the sounds just like a real ratchet. The biggest selling point for us was that the spanner was designed to help develop motor skills something that we are currently working on with 4 year old Devon.

The kit includes:

A Spanner
4 Mini Shaped Activity Boards : Robot, Rocket, Boat and Submarine
30 Colourful Bolts
Activity Guide

As soon as the set arrived the children couldn't wait to get started and they recognised it as part of the Design and Drill range so got their other set straight out.

Alana really concentrated hard but she did struggle to get the right motion and it was hard to get the bolts to go right down the holes, it took mammy a few goes to show how to do it but she got there in the end and she really enjoyed it.

Myles 2 was the biggest fan and adored using the spanner more than he likes using the screwdriver and is now his preferred choice of tool when playing with the kits. He seemed to get the hang of the spanner very easily in fact much easier than 6 year old Alana!

Devon who is 4 had a go but gave up easily but then he is at the age where nothing holds his attention more than 30 seconds, he still prefers the screwdriver but he did try having a go and seemed to have success with it, we did find the screwdriver didn't work with the new pieces as it needed a bit more force to get the bolts in place.

The kit is really colourful and attracted the children straight away, its a brilliant little starter kit and would make a ideal birthday present for little boys and girls who are into building and fixing things. It is a toy which is paid with daily mainly by 2 year old Myles despite the 4-8 year age range guide. I will certainly be encouraging 4 year old Devon to play with it more to get him used to the motions required as they will help him with the motions he needs when he is drawing with a pencil/

Family Fever

Sunday, 6 April 2014

My Sunday Photo 6th April 2014

This week is my littlest monkey who keeps worrying mummy with his febrile convulsions