Sunday, 23 June 2013

Money Supermarket 'Inspect-A-Gadget' Tablet Review

When travelling with three small children long journeys can be bored and there is so many DVD's that can keep them occupied! So with summer fast approaching MoneySupermarket launched its 'Inspect-A-Gadget reviews looking at cheaper alternatives to the popular travel gadgets.

When we are at home we have a fairly expensive tablet which is commandeered by the children so we opted to go for the 7" inch Touch Screen Allwinner which has a RRP of £59.99 however the price seems to be going up and down on Amazon and I have seen it as low as £31.28!

So what does it offer......

7 inch  Touch Screen
Running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Processor Speed of 1 GHz
512 MB of RAM
4GB of Hard Drive Space
Weighing in at 581 grams
Built in WIFI

The delivery of the Tablet was around 2 weeks as what I didn't realise is that Amazon chooses the cheapest seller which at the time of ordering was a seller from China but there are other sellers who are based in the UK so I would look for that next time rather than letting Amazon automatically choosing.

Once the Tablet did arrive it was well packaged and came with an adapter to allow you to charge it with the UK, the USB lead for the mains socket is very flimsy but there is also an USB to connect and charge via the computer, we had to allow it to charge for some time before we could start playing with it. Once it was charged it connected to the WiFi straight away and started to download to games from the Google Play Store for the children.

The children found it much easier to handle than our 10 inch tablet, and is so lightweight in comparison so no moaning about it hurting wrists and arms to hold for a long period of time, the screen seemed to freeze at times and a little slow to responded and although the battery life is stated as 3 hours we found that after a constant playing for around an hour the battery was empty but it was easy enough to charge and play at the same time but would require an in-car charge for long journeys.

We have around 16 games currently installed on the tablet with around another 1GB available for downloads and you can also use TF card  which is the equivalent to a micro SD card if required but I don't foresee us requiring the use of additional storage. Now having three children as you can imagine accidents do happen and its has been dropped a number of times but shows no sign of damage which is always a huge plus for families with children and technology!

The tablet to be honest has been a godsend and has overtaken the use of the Innotab and Nintendo DS, it also came with us on a family meal and to the biggest swimming lessons loaded with videos to keep the little one occupied and it certainly worked.

We are looking at getting another so the big two can have one each, they certainly are good value for money and there isn't that huge gasp when they are dropped in the fear of costing hundreds of pounds to replace or repair!

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