Monday, 7 October 2013

Ella's Kitchen Little Big Meals

When Myles was offered the chance to review the newest range of Ella's Kitchen My Little Big Meals we saw it as a perfect opportunity to explore new avenues in terms of nutritious meals for him, especially as he spends time at his Grandma's and I like to ensure he has nice easy meals that require little effort so I don't put Grandma to too much trouble not that she minds!

When the meals arrived first thing I was impressed at the size of the portions at at the fact there was a least 5 portions of vegetables in each ... no more stressing about making sure he has his 5 a day. First thing Mammy did was to check the ingredients and the percentages, too many meals designed for little ones are filled with water meaning they aren't actually getting a lot of actual nutrition and goodness but I'm happy to say this certainly wasn't the case with Myles' Beefy Beef Stew which contained:

Organic vegetables 53% (potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, mushrooms, carrots, parsnips, beetroot)
Organic vegetable stock 30% (water and organic ingredients: rice flour, onions, carrots, turmeric, pepper, vegetable oil, parsley)
Organic beef 11%
Organic cannellini beans 4%
Organic cornflour 2%
Organic mixed herbs <0.1%
Organic star anise <0.1%
Organic ground black pepper <0.1%
Other stuff 0%

 Myles has become a bit if a funny eater where he is pretty much refusing whatever you put in front of him as both my other children have done so trying to get him to eat at once decent meal a day is something that I aim for and as I have never actually served him stew before as its not a meal the big two will eat I wasn't holding my breath. I loved the fact that all I had to do was to remove the packaging and put it the microwave for 30 seconds, perfect for the days I'm at work and there isn't much time from finishing and bed time.
Once heated they smelt delicious and I had a little taste and it tasted pretty nice but lets see what Myles's thought.....

I must say Myles loved it I don't think I have ever seen him enjoy a meal so much he demolished around half of the portion before he had enough, even big sister had a taste and enjoyed it!

They retail at £2.19 and we will be purchasing next time we are at the shops allowing Myles to explore other tastes.

(We were sent the Ella's Kitchen Little Big Meals for review but all thoughts and opinions of our own)

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